Jun 15, 2020

Shatto Milk Company launches convenient 12-ounce grab-and-go milk bottles

Shatto Milk Company is launching its internationally award-winning milk in a new 12-ounce grab-and-go bottle, available now in the Kansas City metro with options to expand regionally. The 12-ounce bottles will be available to all stores that carry Shatto Milk starting with all Cosentino Price Chopper stores this week.  The bottles come in classic Shatto flavors including 2% white milk, Chocolate, Strawberry, Root Beer, Coffee, Cookies N’ Cream and Cotton Candy.

Shatto’s 12-ounce bottles offer a more convenient way for consumers to enjoy their beloved Shatto milk. The new, smaller bottles are non-returnable, however, Shatto urges customers to consider recycling them with a local glass recycler, such as Ripple Glass. Shatto has saved approximately 34,000,000 plastic jugs from entering landfills since 2003 by opting for glass milk bottles instead of plastic.

“So many people have requested Shatto Milk all over the region, but the returnable nature of our bottles has sometimes stood in the way,” said Matt Shatto. “These new 12-ounce bottles and packaging continue to carry the Shatto brand experience but will allow us to get to customers far and wide that we could not contemplate serving before. This is true here in Kansas City as well as in other markets outside of the state that we can now serve.”

The 12-ounce bottles are also available through Shatto’s Home Delivery Service. Through this service, the bottles are able to be returned to Shatto for reuse. To find out if you’re in their delivery zone and to place an order today, visit www.shattohomedelivery.com.

Shatto is currently in talks with numerous c-store chains, grocery stores, independent retailers and regional distributors related to these products. Customers interested in purchasing the 12-ounce bottles should direct their questions regarding product availability to their preferred stores.

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