May 13, 2023

New Shatto Creamer Line Announced

Shatto Milk Company has created a new line of coffee creamers now available in stores, through Shatto Home Delivery, and at the farm store in Osborn, MO.

This new offering has all the goodness and nutritional value of milk and cream. Launching with Hazelnut and Vanilla Custard flavors, these smooth dairy creamers are perfect for coffee, hot chocolate, lattes, and of course everyone’s favorite iced drinks in the summer.

Like Shatto milk, the creamers are not ultra pasteurized, meaning they are bottled fresh from cows at the farm located just north of Kansas City. The product is made in glass which ensures no foreign odor or taste gets into the creamers, preserving the natural flavor profile. This means that the creamer can go from cow to coffee cup in as little as 12 hours! While the creamers are perfect for coffee and tea, they are just as tasty when enjoyed on their own.

The Shatto creamers are available wherever Shatto is sold in stores in Kansas City, Columbia, Des Moines, and in between, as well as to the over 4k weekly Shatto Home Delivery customers.

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