Sep 18, 2017

The Milkman is Back – Offering More than just Milk

For years, we have heard from customers asking for the nostalgia of an old fashion milkman service.  Well, our good friends at Shatto Home Delivery have now made that wish come true.

Shatto Home Delivery is starting routes all over the metro and is offering so much more than just milk.  They offer more than 550 truly local products ranging from bread, milk and eggs, to pizza, pasta, meat and coffee.  They have also just announced they are offering gourmet pre-made meals in combination with a local chef that can be prepared and plated in less than 10 minutes.

Customers can register for their service at  If they have a route in your area, your deliveries can start that coming week.  If no route is established yet, your registration will tell them there is interest in your area and they will evaluate total interest as they create future routes.

New registrants can use coupon code – bringingbackthemilkman to save $5 off your first delivery with a subtotal of $15 or more.


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