May 10, 2018

Shatto Partners with Legends Soccer Club and Happy Feet

We are excited to announced a partnership with HappyFeet – Kansas City and the Legends Soccer Club to be the Clubs Dairy and Home Delivery Partner. This new relationship is an example of how two organizations committed to the Kansas City Metro can partner with the focus on assisting children in becoming active while also learning the traits necessary to be brave and creative leaders for life.

Further details of the partnership have been circulated via press release.

Shatto Milk Company will be assisting the Club through monetary donation to assist with their youth soccer league as well as scholarship funds for those needing assistance to participate in the sport.

“The opportunity to partner with a local company whose values mirror those of Happyfeet and the Legends Soccer Club is a huge win for us,” said Kyle Hogge. The Shatto Milk Company shares in our belief that soccer, taught the right way, can be an incredible educator and a vehicle to teach life lessons. As a grass roots organization that focuses on child development, this partnership will allow us to extend our reach throughout the Metro area and to provide opportunities for youths who previously may not have had them. We are excited about what the future holds for these two great Kansas City institutions.”

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